·New school construction in Ward 77
· 3 new schools
· 1 modernization
· high school expansion
· Defend quality publicly funded Catholic Education
· Focused on an environment where all are welcomed and valued.
· Student safety—2 new fences around school zones
· Championed reducing school fees
· Supported numeracy and literacy

·Built strong relationships with

· Archdiocese 
· Communities
· Governments
· Education stakeholders
· Encouraged innovative ideas
· Partnership initiatives with post secondary institutions 
· Participated in provincial language caucus to increase access to language programs in Alberta 
· Lobbied for lower speed limits in school zones
· Edmonton Catholic School Board Chair, Vice Chair and four term trustee

· Committed to upholding board governance policies
· Ensured the business of the board is completed 

· Served humbly with integrity and honestly

· Developed fiscally strong and transparent policies

· Committed to move forward in a positive and ethical manner focused on the kids in the classroom

·Monitored improved academic achievement and high school completion rates
·Completed the Catholic School Trustee Certification program at Newman Theological College