·New school construction in Ward 77
· 3 new schools
· 1 modernization
· high school expansion
· Defend quality publicly funded Catholic Education
· Focused on an environment where all are welcomed and valued.
· Student safety—2 new fences around school zones
· Championed reducing school fees
· Supported numeracy and literacy

·Built strong relationships with

· Archdiocese 
· Communities
· Governments
· Education stakeholders
· Encouraged innovative ideas
· Partnership initiatives with post secondary institutions 
· Participated in provincial language caucus to increase access to language programs in Alberta 
· Lobbied for lower speed limits in school zones
· Edmonton Catholic School Board Chair, Vice Chair and three term trustee
· Committed to upholding board governance policies
· Ensured the business of the board is completed 
· Served humbly with integrity and honestly
· Developed fiscally strong and transparent policies
· Committed to move forward in a positive and ethical manner focused on the kids in the classroom
·Monitored improved academic achievement and high school completion rates