As a passionate observer of the Catholic School System in the Capital Region,  I see Laura Thibert as a shining star when it comes  to leading faith based education in Alberta. While it has become fashionable to put special interests ahead of the public good, Laura has maintained a cool and respectful demeanor while championing the educational rights of ALL children while strictly adhering to the education act and the rule of law.

Laura’s conduct over her last two terms as Ward 77 Catholic School Trustee have been above reproach, including her unwavering support of the Catholic Church and the administration and teaching staff of ECSD. Laura’s voting record on board business soundly shows that she favors open and honest communication with the public and truly understands the meaning of consensus and good governance.

Laura has been an island of calm in sea of turmoil, steadily navigating a path towards a better Catholic education for all students while avoiding the pitfalls of anti-Christian movements, personal politics and hidden agendas. Laura has demonstrated strong leadership as both Chairperson and Vice-chair over her tenure as a trustee and shown a commitment to work with her fellow trustees to enhance the educational experience for all students.  

As a father of two children in the Catholic School system, I strongly support Laura Thibert’s bid for a 3rd term as Edmonton Catholic School Board Trustee for Ward 77, and I hope that her demonstrated leadership, fiscal responsibility and commitment to faith based education will continue to shape the Edmonton Catholic School District for years to come.   

- William Boorse