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  • Laura Thibert

Alberta School Board Association FGM 2021

Updated: Apr 20, 2022

Edmonton Catholic supports the following ASBA Fall General Meeting resolutions:

  • It has been approved that internet access is essential to Alberta students, staff, and families for participation not only in public education, but also in society, and should be accessible and affordable for all; furthermore, that ASBA advocate to the federal and provincial governments on behalf of all Alberta school divisions for immediate initiatives to increase accessibility and quality and to reduce costs of internet for students, staff, and families.

  • It has been approved that the Alberta Government remove the requirement of ministerial approval for the transfer of accumulated surplus funds so as to support School Board Trustees in their local decision-making autonomy.

  • It has been approved that the Alberta School Board Association support and advocate to the Minister of Education that environmental literacy and competencies be integrated, across all grades and subjects, into the AlbertaK-12 curriculum.

  • It has been approved that the Alberta School Boards Association advocate to the Government of Alberta for an immediate increase in Alberta Education Transportation funding with assurance that this increase will not negatively impact any other funding in the to offset the significantly rising school bus insurance costs.

  • It has been approved that the ASBA advocate to the provincial government that recommended stakeholder revisions to the curriculum be included and released in a second draft in the Spring of 2022, be piloted, field tested and reviewed by stakeholder groups for two years. This feedback will include robust engagement with teachers, curriculum experts, subject area experts, parents, Indigenous leaders, Francophone and other key stakeholders including the business community. The feedback gathered will also help inform the phased implementation of the new curriculum beginning in September 2024.

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