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ECSD Honors Incredible Educators!

There is so much to be proud of at ECSD! The Board of Trustees honors incredible individuals who make a difference in the lives of our students! October 2021, we recognize and celebrate:

Marie Whelan for the ATA Council for School Leadership Distinguished Service Award

Marie is a retired educator after 53 years who has made a significant contribution over her career to support the work of the Council for School Leadership, the development of emerging school leaders within Alberta and providing exemplary service to school leadership within the teaching profession. She has been a role model in a vibrant network of educational leaders with the confidence and capabilities to lead innovative change for 21st century learning.

Sarah Adomako Ansah for the Canadian Museum for Human Rights Educator in Residence

Sarah will be providing support to teachers in navigating conversations surrounding anti-racism and human rights. She will also create resources that will support this learning, empowering students from across Canada to have a vibrant virtual experience!

Olia Myc for the Best Teacher of the Ukrainian Language Abroad (Primary School Teacher)

This competition has two stages: a regional judging followed by a final judging conducted under the umbrella of the Ministry of Education in Ukraine by the Ukrainian World Coordinating Council together with the Institute of Modernization of Educational Content in Kyiv, Ukraine. We congratulate Olia for being named the winner of this international competition!

2021 Newman Theological College - Master of Religious Education Graduates!

Congratulations to the 23 graduates who have completed the Masters of Religious Education at Newman Theological College (NTC)! The NTC motto is Faith Seeking Understanding. This truly describes the special journey that each NTC student undertakes in their studies and will bring the journey of faith seeking understanding to their students, colleagues, and families.

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