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Edmonton Catholic Schools!

Updated: Feb 14

Updated: Jul 20

Edmonton Catholic Schools serves over 43,000 students and provides a high-quality faith-based education that inspires our students to learn and prepares them to live fully and succeed to the best of their ability. We are committed to offering a Christ-centred, competency-based learning experience for all learners. Every facet of our learning system is aligned to offer an excellent Catholic education that inspires students to develop the conceptual and procedural understanding needed for successful learning, living, and working in Alberta and beyond. Our Board of Trustees and Senior Administration are committed to working with our local and provincial partners to ensure we are delivering world-class Catholic education to our students. Although trusteeship has looked a little different this year, we continued to make informed decisions in the best interests of our schools, staff, students and families. Wishing you a safe and enjoyable summer. I look forward to continuing to work collaboratively with you and to serving the community of Edmonton Catholic schools and Ward 77.

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