• Laura Thibert

High School Completion Rates Increase while Drop Out Rate Decreases

The May 2017 ‘report card’ from the province has just been released and Accountability Pillar for the Edmonton Catholic School District shows another increase in high school completion while the District’s drop-out rate continues to decrease. Twice a year Alberta Education provides all school jurisdictions in Alberta with Accountability Pillar reports in October and May each year. The May report each year updates the following 12 survey measures: Safe and Caring Schools, Program of Studies, Education Quality, Drop-out Rate, High School Completion, Diploma Exam Participation, Rutherford Scholarship Eligibility Rate, Post-Secondary Transition, Work Preparation, Citizenship, Parental Involvement and School Improvement. The District has shown improvement in 10 of these 12 measures and exceeds the province in nine of these 12 measures. High School Completion rates continue to increase in the Edmonton Catholic School District:

  • 3-year completion rate is now 84.5%,

  • 5-year completion rate is now 87.5%

“The 3-year high school completion rate has increased by 13.5% since 2007,” said Joan Carr, Superintendent. “Numerous strategies, including Grad Coaches in all of our high schools, identifying and working with students who may need additional supports, as well as the dedication of staff and students, are a few of the reasons our completion rates continue to climb,” added Carr. The May 2017 provincial high school completion rate is 77.9% for the 3-year rate and 83.2% for the provincial 5-year rate. In addition, the Edmonton Catholic School District’s drop-out rate for students between the ages of 14 and 18 has now decreased to 1.5%, which is half the provincial drop-out rate of 3.0%. “The continued emphasis on every student completing high school continues to benefit students in our District,” said Laura Thibert, Board Chair. “I am continually impressed by how educators and senior administration works together to achieve comprehensive practices that supports all of our students,” Thibert went on to say. To see the complete report visit

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