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  • Laura Thibert

Nurturing Nature, Igniting Imagination, Enriching Education: Ward 77 Newest Outdoor Classrooms

Ward 77 warmly welcomes St. Elizabeth and Mary Hanley Catholic Elementary School's new outdoor classrooms—a space designed to connect students with the natural world and promote a deeper connection with the environment. These outdoor classrooms are purposefully designed to enable our remarkable students the ability to connect with the natural world. The experiences the students will gain not only enhance their understanding of the environment, but also contribute to the development of numeracy, literacy, science, and social skills.

The Board proudly supports the Division's commitment to enriching outdoor experiences, with St. Elizabeth and Mary Hanley among the eight schools in this year's initiative and part of the 20 since 2022. We believe that nature is the most exciting classroom, offering countless wonders to explore, learn from, and ignite the flames of imagination.

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