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  • Laura Thibert

Student Learning Report 2021

Student Learning Report highlights the Division’s response to the identified areas of need in addressing student growth and achievement. In past years, this has been driven by data from our Diploma Examination and Provincial Achievement Test results in addition to the Division Accountability Pillar results. Due to the COVID pandemic, the provincial examinations were not completed by our students and thus the data is not available for analysis. Instead, this report provides baseline assessment data on the following:

• The development of our K-12 Division Assessment Assurance Plan for the 2021-22 School Year

• The Grade 2 and 3 Reading Screening Tool and Baseline Data

• The Grade 2 and 3 Numeracy Screening Tool and Baseline Data

• Kindergarten Speech and Language Screen Results

• Indigenous Reading Project and Baseline Data

• English Language Learners and Comparative Data

• Early Intervention – Supporting Student Learning

• Grade 4-12 Mental Health and Fall Survey Data

Please see the attached report for more information.

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