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  • Laura Thibert

Thank you!

As I wake today, my heart is full of gratitude for all the amazing support I received from my community of Ward 77. I am thrilled and excited to be elected as your Trustee for Ward 77 and to be your voice for publicly funding Catholic Education for Edmonton Catholic Schools!

First I want to thank everyone who supported me - my family - my volunteers - those who voted for me! Thank you! Thank you!! Thank you!!!

I have thoroughly enjoyed speaking to all Ward 77 constituents through out this election. I hear your concerns and will continue to work towards ensuring all students and staff have an excellent place to work and learn. I know that together we can continue to build our future and grow together in faith, with a deep focus on student success. What we do today, will influence students ability, passion and imagination for tomorrow. I want each child within our schools to reach their fullest potential - whatever that may be.

Finally, I am very excited to get back to work with my amazing colleagues! At Edmonton Catholic Schools we have a remarkable Board. We are stronger together and I know our Division is better for it. I am thrilled to continue the great work we have started and I am committed to carrying it forward into the next 4 years! #ECSDfaithinspires #ecsd #ward77

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